Vaclav Řehoř, CEO of Prague Airport; Immune to the Virus?

An Airbus A380 lands over Přední Kopanina football club.


As this and many other European countries emerge from the toughest restrictions implemented to help control the spread of COVID-19, attention turns to the economic and social changes that the pandemic may usher in. When it comes to changes in business, one of the first candidates for change is predicted to be that of passenger air travel. The almost total collapse in demand for air travel from March onwards has already threatened the business of many airlines. Lufthansa for example has closed its Germanwings subsidiary, and will sell off many of its planes. It says that “it will take years before demand for air travel reaches pre-coronavirus levels. “

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Will Brexit cause Marks and Spencer to leave the Czech Republic?

It’s now less than three months to go before the UK is due to leave the EU, and there still is no agreement on the exact terms of the departure. Every day therefore the likelihood of a “Hard Brexit” increases. People are slowly beginning to realise what a Hard Brexit will mean. In particular, the talk is of the lorries, thousands of them, that will wait for days to cross the English Channel. I suddenly realised that some of those lorries will belong to M&S.

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The continuing mess of Brexit; Part 2

Before you Czexit, check out Brexit!

Czechs are apparently among the most Eurosceptic peoples in the EU. While the results in the latest Eurobarometer show an improvement in attitudes towards the EU, Czechs still appear to be far more negative than the Poles, the Slovaks or even the Hungarians. The reasons behind this deserve discussion in a separate blogpost, but the upshot is that certain politicians, particularly the far-right politician Tomio Okamura, have encouraged talk of a referendum on EU membership. So for any Czech citizens reading this who feel persuaded that Czexit might be a good thing, I urge you to consider the following insights from the Brexit referendum :

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