Prague Airport in the post – Covid19 world

24th August 2017, was a Thursday. I can’t remember why, but I came home from work straight after lunch. So at least, when the text from my brother came through, I was able to drop everything. The text said that our mother, who had been re-admitted to hospital, had suddenly weakened, and doctors gave her no more than 24 hours left on this earth. I don’t think my brother expected me to be able to get there. However thanks to the efficiency of British Airways, and to living close to Vaclav Havel Airport, by 17.15 I was taking off for London and by 20.00 at my Mum’s hospital bedside with the rest of the family. She died peacefully without seeing the next morning.

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Vaclav Řehoř, CEO of Prague Airport; Immune to the Virus?

An Airbus A380 lands over Přední Kopanina football club.


As this and many other European countries emerge from the toughest restrictions implemented to help control the spread of COVID-19, attention turns to the economic and social changes that the pandemic may usher in. When it comes to changes in business, one of the first candidates for change is predicted to be that of passenger air travel. The almost total collapse in demand for air travel from March onwards has already threatened the business of many airlines. Lufthansa for example has closed its Germanwings subsidiary, and will sell off many of its planes. It says that “it will take years before demand for air travel reaches pre-coronavirus levels. “

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